Indoor activities for dogs to keep them busy

Here are a few staff-tested activities that can stimulate your pets and burn off some of that excess energy when it's raining outside.

  1. Search and sniff

Hide treats like ZIWI® Good Dog Rewards™ around your home to keep your dog occupied searching for the hidden treasures.

  1. Schedule a playdate

l a fellow pet guardian surprise your dog with a visit from one of their friends. Set up a safe designated play area where you can easily supervise them.

  1. Interactive feeder

Stimulate and captivate your pet with stuffable toys and treat ‘puzzles’. Put some ZIWI Peak® air-dried through the opening and let them go to work.

  1. Tug of war

All you need for this old school game is a tough rope and a dog or cat who’s ready to play.

  1. Feeding mat

Spread ZIWI Peak wet food over the surface of a feeding mat for a medical-free way to calm your pet while home alone or during stressful times, like storms.

Of course cleaning toys is critical to your pet's health, so we always recommend a quick soak in warm soapy water afterwards.

  1. Hall ball

A long straight hallway is ideal for this game. Similar to fetch, take a ball and roll it down a long hallway. Your dog or cat will go racing after it without unpredictably tearing through your home.

  1. Trick training or reinforcement

Rainy days are a great time to reinforce skills - or teach new ones! Be sure to have ZIWI Good Dog Rewards or ZIWI Peak air-dried on hand to keep the motivation going!

  1. Chew through the day

ZIWI oral chews are perfect for occupying part of a day, especially our long-lasting, great-tasting Venison Shanks.

  1. Shopping

Get out of the house and take your dog to a dog friendly store or dog specialty store to browse and shop on a gloomy day.

  1. Quality time

Don't forget that lots of pats, attention, and a good toy will provide enough distraction for your pet to make it through the day.

What are your favourite ways to keep your dog or cat happy on an indoor day?

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