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Innovation inspired by nature

At ZIWI®, everything we do has to respect nature. Instead of harsh processing, we use innovative methods inspired by nature. We pioneered the world’s first gentle air-drying technology, which preserves the nutritional value of our raw and pure ingredients. And now, we’ve created another new innovation: Z-MicroSteam™, which creates a delicious light texture pets love.

Every ZIWI recipe is packed full of natural nutrition to keep your pet in peak health.

How to build your bowl for peak nutrition.

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Peak nutrition for pets
New Zealand sourced proteins
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Nature inspired
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We’ve created a variety of recipes, so every cat and dog can enjoy pure ZIWI nutrition, no matter what type of food they prefer.

Air-dried recipes

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We invented our own gentle air-drying innovation, so we gave it a special name: Z-TWINTECH®. It’s our way of gently protecting the nutritional benefits of our raw ingredients, making it easy to serve.

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Steam & Dried recipes

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Our new Steam & Dried range is made with our innovative Z-MicroSteam™ method, which combines delicate micro-steaming with gentle air-drying. This creates a light texture cats and dogs love.

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Canned wet food

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Mix it up with our ZIWI canned recipes, full of flavour, nutrition, and essential moisture. Each recipe is packed with meat, organs, bone, and seafood – including our famous New Zealand green mussels.

Freeze-dried boosters

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Superboost their bowl with our Freeze-dried boosters. Each recipe is packed full of nature’s most functional raw ingredients, to support your pet’s health and wellness with an extra boost, naturally.

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Chews, treats & rewards

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Explore the ZIWI range of treats and rewards, as well as our range of chews to support your dog’s dental health and keep them smiling. All chews, treats, and rewards are inspired by your dog’s natural diet.

Ethically farmed in New Zealand

The farms, farmers, and fisheries we work with are committed to raising and caring for their animals in a sustainable, ethical way. They follow the principle of kaitiakitanga – a New Zealand Māori concept of guardianship of the land and sea. It’s about protecting the animals, the environment, and providing for future generations.

New Zealand’s temperate climate also means that our animals are raised on beautiful pastures of clover and native grasses, 365 days a year.

  • Free-range, grass-fed, grass-finished

  • Wild-caught, sustainable seafood

  • Cage-free, local poultry

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