ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried range

Our ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried range brings together a premium selection of ethical raw meats and organs, whole seafood, and local produce, to create a complete and balanced, nature-inspired pet food for all life stages.

Z-MicroSteam™ innovation

Our Steam & Dried range is made with our innovative Z-MicroSteam™ method, which combines delicate micro-steaming with gentle air-drying. This creates a light texture cats and dogs love.

All our ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried recipes follow a unique two-stage method, inspired by nature. First we delicately micro-steam our raw ingredients to create a delicious texture that’s easy to eat. Then we gently air-dry them to lock in the natural goodness.

  • Serve as a complete meal

    The most popular way to feed ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is as a complete daily meal, for natural, high-meat nutrition, from pure New Zealand.

  • Use as a base to build your bowl

    ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is perfect as a base for bowl-building. Top with your favourite Air-Dried recipe, and sprinkle with one of our Boosters, for the ultimate in peak nutrition.

We harness the delicate nature of steam to create a nutritious food with a light, texture that pets love.

Steam & Dried FAQs

How is ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried different from ZIWI Peak Air-Dried?

ZIWI Peak Air-dried is crafted from 96% raw meat, seafood, organs and New Zealand green mussels and air-dried using our Z-TWINTECH® technology. It is designed to provide a raw diet in a convenient ready-to-eat format.

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is crafted from 85-90% raw meat, organs and seafood with added fruits and vegetables and processed using our Z-MicroSteam technology. This delivers a light, palatable texture and is designed for pet parents who want to provide a more holistic and inclusive diet with the inclusion of fruits and vegetables alongside the raw meat and seafood.

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried also provides a more affordable option for pet parents currently feeding premium kibble who want to improve the nutritional quality of their pet’s food.

Are all the ingredients in ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried sourced from New Zealand?

All our meat and organs are ethically-sourced from New Zealand and farmed under the New Zealand Freedom Principles without artificial hormones. Our seafood is wild caught in the South Pacific Ocean and Sub-Antarctic waters, except for sardines which are caught in the North Atlantic Ocean.

All the fruits and vegetables featured in our ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried recipes including pumpkin, green vegetables (spinach, kale, beets green and green beans) and orchard fruits (apples, pears, persimmons, blueberries and kiwifruit) are sourced from local suppliers in New Zealand. We source our lentils, peas, apple pomace, egg white and vitamins and minerals from reputable and traceable suppliers in New Zealand, Australia, Europe, Japan, and the USA.

How do ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried cat recipes support skin and coat health?

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried cat recipes are a rich source of Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to support healthy skin. Healthy skin encourages growth of hair follicles and results in a shiny, glossy, and lustrous coat.

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How do ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried dog recipes support digestive health?

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried dog recipes contain fruits and vegetables which are rich in fibre to support healthy digestion. Chicory root is a source of inulin, a natural prebiotic that can help support the growth of good bacteria in the gut. When the digestive tract is full of good bacteria, nutrients are readily absorbed and distributed throughout the body.

See our ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried recipes

What pack sizes is ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried available in?

ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried for dogs is available in three sizes: 800g, 1.5kg & 3.2kg / 1.8lb, 3.3lb & 7.1lb
ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried for cats is available in two sizes: 800g & 2.2kg / 1.8lb & 4.9lb

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Discover all the ways we innovate

Z-TWINTECH® technology

We pioneered the world’s first gentle air-drying technology, so that we can deliver peak nutrition without harsh processing.

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Freeze-drying technology

Freeze-drying is nature’s way of locking in the nutrients of our raw ingredients - and pets find it tastes delicious, too.