ZIWI Peak Air-dried

Our ZIWI Peak Air-dried range delivers high Peak Prey® ratios of meat, organs, seafood and bone. With added superfoods and free from grains. Our most convenient raw alternative, perfect for home and travel

Z-TWINTECH® innovation

We invented our own gentle
Z-TWINTECH® air-drying technology.

It’s our way of protecting the nutritional benefits of our raw ingredients. Air gently circulates warm air and dries our air-dried dog food, protecting the nutritional integrity of our New Zealand ingredients and nutrients and making it easy to scoop and serve.

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    Serve as a complete meal

    It’s everything your pet needs, but for a superfood boost, take a look at our Freeze-dried boosters.

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    Use as a nutritious topper

    Sprinkle some ZIWI Peak® Air-dried on their existing pet food for added tasty nutrition.

  • Use as a delicious treat

    The perfect reward for a good cat or dog, and you don’t have to worry about feeding them something unhealthy.

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It’s the goodness of raw with the convenience of dry – just scoop and serve.

Air-dried FAQs

ZIWI Peak air-dried daily serving seems small. Will my pet be satisfied?

Dogs and cats are satisfied when their nutritional and calorific needs are met. During the transition period, your pet will adapt to eating a smaller amount of food, but you can be assured that they are receiving everything they need for optimal health.

If your pet appears to be seeking more food, we recommend you resist the urge to overfeed. ZIWI Peak is extremely nutrient-dense, so less is required to provide the correct number of calories and nutrients.

Are ZIWI dry and canned foods raw?

ZIWI Peak recipes have high inclusions of 100% raw meat, organs, ground bone, and seafood gently processed to preserve the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.

What does complete and balanced mean?

ZIWI Peak Air-dried and Canned recipes are complete and balanced ─ meaning they meet all the daily nutritional requirements your pet needs.

Over what period should I transition from my current pet food to ZIWI Peak?

We recommend a gradual transition when changing your pet’s diet to allow your pet’s digestive system time to adjust to the high nutritional value of our recipes. Start with a small amount of ZIWI Peak added to your pets’ current food then gradually increase the amount, while reducing the other food over a period of at least 7 days. Please refer to our transition guide.

It is not unusual for your pet to experience soft stools during the first few weeks when transitioning to ZIWI Peak or any other new food. If your pet’s stool continues to be loose it may be an indication of being overfed. To determine the exact amount of ZIWI Peak to feed please visit our 'Build your bowl' feeding Calculator.​

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Discover all the ways we innovate

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Z-MicroSteam™ technology

Another ZIWI innovation, Z-MicroSteam™, creates a light, delicate texture and locks in the nutritional benefits of nature.

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Freeze-drying technology

Freeze-drying is nature’s way of locking in the nutrients of our raw ingredients - and pets find it tastes delicious, too.