ZIWI Peak Freeze-dried

We take raw-inspired recipes and prepare them by gently freeze-drying. The process removes water from the ingredients at very low temperatures within a vacuum, helping lock in the structural and nutritional goodness.


Our freeze-drying process protects and retains the quality of nutrients and taste of the wholesome ingredients.

The ingredients go through High Pressure Processing, which destroys pathogens while protecting the nutritional integrity of the ingredients.

The ingredients are flash-frozen and formed into bite-sized pieces. This removes moisture while retaining nutritional integrity. This means excellent nutrient retention compared to other preservation methods like rendering.

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    Nutritious boost

    Boost up to 10% of their bowl to enjoy the benefits.

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    Proactive nutrition

    Peak nutrition for proactive health and wellness.

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    Multiple protein sources

    Pick boosters to add variety and flavour.

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A delicious boost of proactive nutrition, packed full of nutrient-dense, functional superfoods.

Freeze-dried FAQs

Are ZIWI Peak Booster recipes complete and balanced? How are they different to other freeze-dried products?

ZIWI Peak Booster recipes are designed to give your pet a delicious boost of proactive or functional nutrition. They are not complete and balanced, so they should be used as a topper to boost your pet’s everyday meal. ZIWI Peak Boosters are intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

I have noticed that the ZIWI Peak Functional Boosters don’t have a meat percentage on the front of pack. Are they still high meat?

All of our recipes, including ZIWI Peak functional boosters are high meat. 

  • Gut & Immune Support = 90% from meat, organs and dairy
  • Hip & Joint Support = 95% from meat, organs and seafoods
  • Skin & Coat Health = 98% from meat, organs and seafoods
Can I feed ZIWI Boosters to my kitten or puppy?

ZIWI Boosters are designed for all life stages and are safe to feed to weaned puppies and kittens.

Do I need to add water to ZIWI Peak Booster recipes?

Water is not required; you can simply sprinkle ZIWI Peak Boosters on top of your pet’s everyday meal. Warm water or broth is optional. As always, ensure your pet has access to fresh drinking water.

Do all freeze-dried brands of pet food undergo a HPP process?

Not all freeze-dried products use HPP. We’ve opted for HPP because heat alters the taste and degrades the nutritional integrity of the ingredients. This ensures ZIWI Peak Freeze-dried products are the ultimate taste and nutrition.

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Discover all the ways we innovate

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Z-MicroSteam™ technology

Another ZIWI innovation, Z-MicroSteam™, creates a light, delicate texture and locks in the nutritional benefits of nature.

Z-TWINTECH® technology

We pioneered this air-drying technology to gently protect the nutritional benefits of our raw ingredients.