ZIWI®’s mission.

From the day we were founded in 2002, we’ve made it our mission to deliver peak nutrition without compromise. Our recipes are crafted from ethically-sourced ingredients from pure New Zealand, reflecting what a cat or dog would choose in the wild, and gently processed to retain their nutritional integrity.

For us, peak nutrition is the foundation of a happier and healthier life for your pet, and a stronger bond with you.


Our story


Our story

ZIWI was born in beautiful Mount Maunganui, New Zealand, from a love of pets and a belief that when it came to their nutrition, there had to be a better way. We saw too many other pet food companies blending top quality New Zealand raw ingredients with inexpensive fillers, to create highly processed kibble with limited nutritional value.

We knew our cats and dogs deserved better.

Out of this love for pets came a big idea: Combining the nutrition of a raw diet with the convenience of ready-to-serve dry food. After a two-year journey of trial and error, ZIWI Peak® was born. And ever since, we’ve continued to innovate to bring only the best nutrition, free from fillers and artificial binders, to every pet’s bowl. That’s the ZIWI difference.

What we stand for

Bringing joy and peace of mind to pets and their human companions is at the heart of everything we do. This informs everything from how we source our ingredients to the nutritious goodness that goes into in your pet’s bowl.

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    Peak nutrition

    Cats and dogs are carnivores, so they live healthier lives on a carnivorous diet. That’s why ZIWI’s recipes are packed full of raw meat, organs, and seafood, reflecting what they’d choose for themselves in the wild.

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    This is a concept rooted in New Zealand Māori culture. It means embodying their role as guardians, caring for people, and protecting the land, sea, and its creatures for future generations.

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    The bond between pet and guardian is something to be cherished and nurtured. Strengthening that bond through good food for a happier and healthier life together is the reason ZIWI was founded.

From our innovative Z-TWINTECH air-drying technology to what we believe in, learn more about what ZIWI stands for

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From our innovative Z-TWINTECH air-drying technology to what we believe in, learn more about what ZIWI stands for

World leaders in pet food technology and nutrition

Learn more about how we made pet food better.

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Our farms and farmers

Discover New Zealand, where our animals are ethically raised, our fish are sustainably caught, and meet the passionate people behind it all.

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Our recipes

Nature got it right, so it’s what you’ll find in a bowl of ZIWI®. Learn more about our ingredients and how they can benefit your pet.

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