How to get used to working from home with dogs or a cat

If you are currently working from home, here are some helpful tips to help you maintain a work-from-home balance as a pet guardian.

Designate an office space
Create an environment that will keep you free from distractions as much as possible. Even in smaller spaces, an area designated for work will help keep you in a routine and will eventually let your pet know when you should not be bothered.

Designate a place for your pet to relax
Our pets love attention and want to be around us. If your pet can handle it, provide a designated space where they can be near you with enough space for you to work comfortably. A pet bed or blanket that is 5-10 feet away, with a few chew toys, can help ease your pet’s anxiety and desire to be close to you.

Set aside time for play
Research has shown that taking breaks can help keep you productive. It also helps keep pets from boredom that can lead to destructive activities. Setting aside time for tug of war, fetch, hiding treats, or any other means of play can keep your pet stimulated and happy.

Many dogs may also tire quickly, if not faster from mental stimulation. Providing them with a puzzle toy or 5-10 minutes practicing commands and teaching new tricks is a great way to bond during breaks.

Go for a walk
If you are able, take a short walk around the block or down the street with your pet. Your dog craves to see and experience the world. Giving them the mental and physical stimulation of walking and experiencing things outside the house for even 15 minutes is beneficial for their overall health (as well as yours).

Taking the time to create an environment that provides routine that your pet craves and that you need to make sure you are both happy and productive.


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