Kelp benefits for dogs: Boost your dog, naturally!

Kelp. Boost your dog, naturally. Dog on the beach playing in the waves

We include kelp in all of our ZIWI Peak® recipes because it’s a great source of bio-available nutrients including iodine and minerals.

What is kelp?

Seaweeds and kelps, as a class of plants, have the broadest spectrum of trace minerals and vitamins of any plant group in the world. They lend themselves to being a very good natural multivitamin and mineral source. Unlike land plants, kelps and seaweeds absorb minerals directly through the plant tissue from the mineral-rich sea-water they are living in.

What are the nutritional benefits of kelp?

There are a variety of edible sea vegetables, but kelp is the most nutritious for dogs. It contains 60 different vitamins, minerals, and trace elements as well as 21 amino acids. kelp is most known for is its iodine content which helps to support your dog’s glandular system as well as metabolism.  

Kelp may also help to:

  • Regulate glandular activity in the adrenal, pituitary, and thyroid glands.
  • Soothe skin allergies, reduce itching and inflammation.
  • Aid tissue repair with protein and amino acids.
  • Stimulate thyroid activity, increase metabolism, support weight loss, and prevent hypothyroidism.
  • Help digestion through high-fibre content.
  • Reduce dental plaque and tartar build-up.
  • Support digestive function.
  • Supplement iron and calcium intake.
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