What does an average cat weigh?

What does an average cat weigh?

Let’s take a look at how to identify whether your cat is within their average weight range, and some ways you can support their weight management needs to help them thrive.

How much does an average cat weigh?

While the average weight for a typical cat is around ten pounds (roughly 4.5kg), cats’ weights can vary based on sex, breed, lifestyle, age, and whether they’ve been spayed or neutered.

Cat weight chart

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 How can you get your cat back to a healthy weight?

  1. Eating habits. Here are some ideas to help maintain a healthy and entertaining food regime:
  • Food puzzles get them to work for their food and slow down the process – aiding in their digestion.
  • Eliminate free feeding and only put food out at mealtimes.
  • Look to reward your cat in ways other than treats, like playtime with you.
  1. Diet. What you’re feeding your cat is important for weight management and maintenance. Cats need a moisture-rich, nutritionally balanced, species-appropriate diet to thrive:
  • On the heavy side? Feeding them the right foods in the right quantities will help them reach a healthy weight. Address any issues with their diet to avoid them developing a severe health issue like diabetes or arthritis.
  • On the skinny side? As well as diet, factor in dental health, age and lifestyle before getting overly concerned; often more mature cats become less active, and tend to eat less as their metabolism slows down.

The best food for a healthy cat

Mother Nature is a great place to start for the best biologically matched and balanced diet for your carnivore.

For that reason, ZIWI Peak’s recipes don’t include added fillers or unwanted carbohydrates but are rich in meat, organs and seafood; they are nutrient and meat-rich to help your pet thrive.

How much do I feed my cat?

A great way to determine proper feeding guidelines for your pet is by utilising our online feeding calculator.

If you think your cat is overweight or underweight, it’s best to consult your vet for personalised advice.


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