Fish cat food

Fish cat food

All cats are carnivores, which is why all our fish cat food recipes are made for a carnivorous diet. You’ll find high inclusions of meat, organs, seafood, and bone – that’s a PeakPrey® diet, and it’s what your cat would choose for themselves in the wild.

Explore our wide variety of fish cat food, including chews, treats, toppers, and complete meals tailored for your feline friends.

Serve as a complete meal

The most popular way to feed ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is as a complete daily meal, for natural, high-meat nutrition, from pure New Zealand.

What is Z-MicroSteam™

Our Steam & Dried range is made with our innovative Z-MicroSteam™ method, which combines delicate micro-steaming with gentle air-drying. This creates a light texture cats and dogs love.

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The peak of pure nutrition for your pet

Whichever ZIWI® Peak recipe you choose for your pet - Air-Dried, Canned, or Steam & Dried - you’re making a great choice. Because at ZIWI, everything we do is about respecting nature. Our nutrient-dense raw meat and seafood ingredients are all ethically sourced from New Zealand’s green pastures and pristine oceans. We never use rendered meats or harsh processing.

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