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ZIWI🄬ピーク 総合栄養食


Serve as a complete meal

The most popular way to feed ZIWI Peak Steam & Dried is as a complete daily meal, for natural, high-meat nutrition, from pure New Zealand.

What is Z-MicroSteam™

Our Steam & Dried range is made with our innovative Z-MicroSteam™ method, which combines delicate micro-steaming with gentle air-drying. This creates a light texture cats and dogs love.

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The peak of pure nutrition for your pet

Whichever ZIWI® Peak recipe you choose for your pet - Air-Dried, Canned, or Steam & Dried - you’re making a great choice. Because at ZIWI, everything we do is about respecting nature. Our nutrient-dense raw meat and seafood ingredients are all ethically sourced from New Zealand’s green pastures and pristine oceans. We never use rendered meats or harsh processing.

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