When it comes to innovation, we take our cues from nature

At ZIWI®, we believe nature got it right. Our job is to bring the very best of nature to deliver peak nutrition to your pet, without any harsh processing.

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Z-TWINTECH® technology

We pioneered this air-drying technology to gently protect the nutritional benefits of our raw ingredients.

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Z-MicroSteam™ technology

Another ZIWI innovation, Z-MicroSteam™, creates a light, delicate texture and locks in the nutritional benefits of nature.

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Freeze-dried technology

Our freeze-drying process removes moisture at very low temperatures within a vacuum, to lock in the nutritional goodness.

Made in New Zealand kitchens

Made in New Zealand kitchens

All our ZIWI recipes are proudly made in New Zealand, not far from the lush pastures, rugged landscapes, and pristine ocean where our ingredients are sourced. We like to keep things local.

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From our innovative technology to what we believe in, learn more about what ZIWI stands for

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From our innovative technology to what we believe in, learn more about what ZIWI stands for

Our story and ethics

How a company from New Zealand is helping pets around the world live their best ZIWI life.

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Our farms and farmers

Discover New Zealand, where our animals are ethically raised, our fish are sustainably caught, and meet the passionate people behind it all.

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Our recipes

Nature got it right, so it’s what you’ll find in a bowl of ZIWI. Learn more about our ingredients and how they can benefit your pet.

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