What is the difference between how you make ZIWI® Peak freeze-dried and air-dried products?

ZIWI Peak’s philosophy of making air-dried and freeze-dried recipes is the same ─ combine the nutrition of a raw diet with the safe convenience of a dry, shelf stable food. All our air-dried and freeze-dried products are made with high raw meat inclusions and organs and are gently prepared.

For our air-dried products we use a modern take on centuries old meat preserving techniques. Our dual stage Z-TWINTECH™ air-drying technology removes moisture from our raw ingredients with the movement of air, locking in nutrition and taste.

The gold standard in food preparation, our freeze-drying technology removes moisture with a vacuum process, also locking in the nutrition and taste of our raw ingredients.

While freeze-drying is a gentler process, both are minimally processed and are substantially more gentle than traditional pet food preparation methods such as extrusion or baking.

For dogs and cats to thrive, we recommend a diet with variety. A varied diet ensures a broader range of nutrients, amino acids and fatty acids. Our air-dried and freeze-dried products are complementary. Feed them both for the ultimate in peak nutrition!

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