How do you minimise pathogenic bacteria in ZIWI® Freeze-dried and ZIWI® Air-dried products?

ZIWI® Peak’s philosophy of making air-dried and freeze-dried recipes is the same ─ combine the nutrition of a raw diet with the safe convenience of a dry, shelf stable food. All our air-dried and freeze-dried products are made with high meat inclusions, raw meats and organs, and are gently prepared.

For our air-dried products we use a modern take on centuries old meat preserving techniques. Our dual stage Z-TWINTECH™ air-drying technology removes moisture from our product with the movement of air, locking in nutrition and taste. ZIWI® Freeze-dried products combine the use of High-Pressure Processing (HPP) to inactive bacteria prior to use of the gold standard in food preparation, our freeze-drying technology, which helps remove moisture with a vacuum process, also locking in the nutrition and taste of our raw ingredients.

While freeze-drying is a gentler process, both are minimally processed and are substantially more gentle than traditional food preparation methods such as extrusion or baking.

As part of our commitment to quality, we test all our products to ensure they are safe and free of harmful pathogenic bacteria, prior to them leaving our kitchens.
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